BRIAN, your personal AI assistant to interact with the Web3

Brian is the first AI assistant to interact with web3. At the current stage, Brian enables users to perform on-chain transactions and learn how web3 works by prompting in plain English.

As we know, the user experience in web3 is the most important barrier for people that want to interact with the decentralized world. Performing simple transactions like a swap, bridge, or borrow could be frustrating for the users because they have to interact with complex user interfaces and smart contracts.

Brian simplifies this process by offering a transaction builder feature. On Brian, users can communicate their transaction intentions in plain English, and Brian will build the corresponding transaction, making the process seamless and user-friendly. Such as “Hey Brian, can you swap 100 ARB for ETH on Uniswap?”

Another central area for improvement in the web3 world is the complexity of gathering accurate and reliable information. Searching web3 info on Google often leads to fragmented and hard-to-comprehend information spread across various sources such as websites, documentation, blogs, and social media platforms.

Brian addresses this challenge by utilizing a custom-built knowledge base of selected and updated resources and leveraging AI techniques to provide precise answers to questions about web3. Brian also indicates the sources from which the information originates, giving users transparency and the ability to explore further.

Brian was born during the ETHPrague Hackathon 2023 and is now in its open alpha stage, which was launched in June. The alpha version operates on the testnet and currently supports the following networks: Chiado, Goerli, Sepolia, Linea, Mumbai, and Taiko.

In early November 2023, will be released the Private Beta, a new version that will support several mainnets. It will be kept “private” as users interested in trying it will need to sign in with their wallet, accepting the provided terms and conditions. The private beta will last for a period of up to 6 months during which a lot of features will be released.

The team, that is hard working on the Private Beta, has a mix of competencies both in the AI and web3 areas :

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