Bor Version Update - CS 2007

Hey @validators

Attention Validators. This is an important announcement

We have an update on the current version of Bor. We have made some minor changes to the package and you will all need to update it to make sure that your node is running correctly.

You need to make sure that you use the same address & private key that you used to setup your node. If you use a different address/private key you will run into errors.

This is only for validators that have already setup their node. For validators that are yet to setup their node, they can follow the announcement from yesterday.

Please follow the instructions carefully.

For linux packages:

  1. Stop Bor: sudo service bor stop
  2. Uninstall Bor: sudo dpkg -r matic-bor
  3. Delete Bor: sudo rm -rf /etc/bor/*
  4. Download Bor package: wget
  5. Install Bor: sudo dpkg -i matic-bor_0.1.7_amd64.deb
  6. Follow all the steps from here till the end:

For Binaries:

  1. Stopping services:
    ps -aux | grep bor . Get the PID for Bor and then run the following command.
    sudo kill -9 PID
  2. Stop Bor: run bash from public-testnets/CS-2007/bor folder
  3. Delete Bor: sudo rm -rf ~/.bor
  4. Follow the steps in this section (Only Step 5):
  5. Then follow the steps from here till the end: