Bor v1.3.2 Release

Hello All,

New version of Bor v1.3.2 have been released for both Polygon Mainnet and Polygon Amoy. It is a maintenance release and fixes few bugs. It’s advisable to upgrade bor to this version at the earliest.

Steps for upgrading Bor node

  1. Stop bor service

    sudo service bor stop
  2. Install Bor with a version tag, network name (mainnet/amoy), and node type (sentry, validator, or archive).

    # Replace the node type
    curl -L | bash -s -- v1.3.2 <network> <node_type>
  3. Check bor version

    /usr/bin/bor version
    # It should print 
    # v1.3.2
  4. Restart bor service

    sudo service bor start

Bor Changelog


  • Hashing of state-sync transactions during rpc calls by @anshalshukla in #1207
  • Cancel pending downloader tasks before rewinding due to milestone mismatch by @anshalshukla in #1245

Full Changelog: v1.3.1…v1.3.2

Docker Images

You can find the latest docker images here:




Polygon Team

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