Bor Upgrade v0.2.8 - Block Hash Calculation fix

Hi Everyone,

The previous release of bor was based on geth v1.10.8 which breaks block hash calculation in a few RPC calls. Geth later reverted a PR that fixes the issue.

Here is the latest release of bor that includes this fix:

Please upgrade to ensure your nodes serve the right responses for the RPC calls.

  1. SSH to your sentry and validator nodes and navigate to the bor directory:
cd ~/bor
  1. Fetch the latest changes and switch to v0.2.8:
git fetch
git checkout v0.2.8
  1. Stop bor and build the latest code:
sudo service bor stop
make bor-all
  1. Check the version:
bor version

and ensure it is as below:

Version: 1.10.9
  1. Start bor:
sudo service bor start

Please note that this version of bor does not activate the London fork.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you.