Bor Upgrade v0.2.7 - Geth v1.10.8 Hotfix Release

Hey Validators and Partners,

As we had announced last week (, the hotfix is here. To upgrade to the latest version (, please follow the below instructions:

  1. SSH to your sentry and validator nodes and navigate to the bor directory:

    cd ~/bor
  2. Fetch the latest changes and switch to v0.2.7:

    git fetch
    git checkout v0.2.7
  3. Stop bor and build the latest code:

    sudo service bor stop
    make bor-all
  4. Check the version:

    bor version

    and ensure it is as below:

    Version: 1.10.8-stable
    Git Commit: 045e5c2c4c373c4fd565afea6ea65812566a6542
  5. Start bor:

    sudo service bor start

As mentioned in the previous announcement, this version of bor does not activate the london fork. We urge you to upgrade all your nodes (full, archive, validator and sentry nodes) to the latest version ASAP.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you.

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