bor snapshot out of space

How much space bor snapshot need? the wiki said 2.1 TB but i go out of space at 3.2 TB.
i have 4TB space total and cannot run a node

I have bor with snapshot pruned just yesterday:

root@matic-full-node-fi-1 ~ # du -csh /data/.bor /data/.heimdalld
3.0T	/data/.bor
367G	/data/.heimdalld
3.3T	total

So in order to unpack snapshots you’ll need that much space in addition to snapshot size itself (which is about 2TB compressed). Also bor chaindata grows over time, so you’ll need some extra space. All in all you need about 8TB space to maintain fullnode comfortably.

thanks, i find the problem, the snapshot download/unpacking script is a piece of S**T, instead of concatenate one chunk per times and remove it before processing the next chunk it do this:

cat $client-$network-snapshot-${date_stamp}-part* > “$output_tar”
rm $client-$network-snapshot-${date_stamp}-part*

i fixed in this way

for file in $(find . -name "bor-mainnet-snapshot-bulk-*-part-*" -print | sort); do
    echo $file
    cat "$file" >> bor-mainnet-snapshot-2023-11-06.tar.zst && rm "$file"
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