bor finds almost no peers

Hi, there is something weird with the speed of bor client finding peers. It takes about a whole day for the client to find 2-3 new persistent peers. I’ve been running fuly synced full sentry node for almost a week and my peer count is around 12 and doesn’t seem to rise any futher,it ocassionaly finds new peers, but some of the old ones are dropped as well, so, it fluctuates in range of 10-14 peers and don’t rise any futher. My peers limit is 500. I used to run the nodes a year ago and the bor client had no problem in fingin few hundreds of peers in few hours. Now I’ve upgraded to a new version of the bor client v1.1.0,I saved the 12 peers I had, but was able to reconnect to only 4 of those and now I have to wait days more to climb up back to even those 12 peers I had. A node with that low amount of peers is unusable for my needs. The node is at IPv4 and port 30303 is open to the world and reachable. What’s wrong?