Bor consensus support on Erigon

We are happy to announce that Bor consensus is now natively available on Erigon :partying_face:

As some of you already know, we have been working with Erigon’s team in the last few months to support Bor consensus natively. So you can all benefit from its re-architected implementation and reduce your archive data. As Erigon is a dynamic project with a lot of activity, we forked and created a new repository to freeze the code and have a version that has been tested in Mumbai and Mainnet.

You can now refer to this guide and run a few nodes by yourself. If you decide to do so, we have a dedicated Polygon channel in Erigon’s discord to support you through the process and receive your feedback.

:arrow_forward: Follow this guide to run Erigon nodes:

:arrow_forward: Visit Erigon’s official documentation for more information

Important note: Erigon is a community-driven project; the sole intention here is to share the news that Erigon now supports Bor consensus natively, and you can all benefit from it. The Polygon team doesn’t officially maintain it as of now.

For more information and context on the topic, please read below :arrow_down:

Why is this important?

Due to our recent growth, Polygon PoS archive nodes are expected to reach 16TB size in the following days. Once we achieve this milestone, you might not be able to continue to store archive data as a few instance types/disk types/regions have a limit of 16TB, depending on your cloud provider.

This will give you difficulty accessing blockchain history.

What’s Erigon:

Erigon is a re-architected implementation of the Ethereum client that reduces the archive nodes’ size.

We believe that Erigon is the best long-term solution, and over the last few months, we have been working with Erigon’s team to implement Bor consensus natively on the Erigon client.

With Erigon, the state data is as small as ~4TB.

Who can benefit from this?

  • RPC providers [Alchemy, Infura, etc…]
  • Blockchain indexes [The Graph]
  • Block explorers [Polygonscan]

Polygon Team


I found that v0.0.2 has been released. Should I use this instead of v0.0.1?