Better Tutorial for ERC721 Bridge to Ethereum

Hey Everyone, I hope all is well! Provided the docs on the PoS Bridge transferring ERC721s from Polygon to Ethereum and vice versa, I still need a bit of guidance. The docs are still to high-level when it comes to implementation using the bridge and it would be very helpful to have a detailed tutorial on how to use the bridge to transfer NFTs from Polygon to Ethereum.

Simply put:

  1. When originally deploying a ERC721 on Matic/Polygon, how do you transfer it to Ethereum (detailed tutorial or github repos very much appreciated!)

When originally deploying ERC-721 on Matic/Polygon, how do you transfer it over to Ethereum?


I am with you here. I understand the requirements of the contracts that need to have certain functions, capabilities, and give some permissions to the proxy contracts… but then what? How you actually make the transfer? Were you able to figure out?

I am able to do that on xDai because I found a video with the explanation… Would be nice to have something like that here… or just explain to me and I will make the video.



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Heyy were you able to solve the issue I am facing the same problem can you plese help me out

How to create an NFT bridge that can transfer tokens to and from etherum to matic
Can you make a vedio on it amd share or a detailed github repo would be great

I have actually done a half way but then my burn function in ERC 721 contract doesn’t work
The contract is deployed and isn’t showing any error