Avail Unification Drop for Polygon PoS Stakers - Claim Ends May 4th

Hi everyone,

I lead the Avail business team and wanted to ensure you all were aware of the Avail Unification Drop for some Polygon PoS stakers, with the claim window ending on May 4th. More details about the initiative is here: https://blog.availproject.org/avails-unification-drop/.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out: [email protected]

Hi everyone, I lead the Avail business team, and I’m excited to share some news about the Avail Unification Drop! This is a token airdrop specifically for Polygon PoS stakers, offering a chance to claim some AVAIL tokens.

Think of it like a surprise party delivery – a little reward for your participation in the staking ecosystem. The claim window closes on May 4th, so if you’re a Polygon PoS staker, be sure to check it out!