April 2023: zkEVM Community Update - Hosting a zkEVM AMA with Jordi Baylina and David Schwartz

Hello Fam :purple_heart:

**We’re hosting a Twitter Spaces this Friday, April 21st

Our zkEVM Co-founders will recap the first month after the Mainnet Beta launch If you are a dev, builder, a curious fan of ZK, an investor, entrepreneur, or observer… feel free to jump in and ask any questions about zkEVM.

We value our community’s experience and encourage all feedback as this will guide the improvements and changes we will make to the network. We want to know how you use zkEVM and what kind of dApps you have deployed.

Share your feedback below this thread :thread:, and don’t leave anything unsaid…You have a voice, and we want to hear it! If you’re interested in participating, please set your reminders at at this link

See you there! :tada:



I have a few questions for the AMA:

  • Will the polygon zkEVM be improved?
  • How is the zkEVM a better place to develop than PoS?
  • Is there any differences in terms of programming that developers should be taking advantage of?
  • Do you plan to release a new chain after this one?
  • Are we able to interact with ethereums or other zkevm layer 2 solution smart contracts?


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Thank you @Darkpaladi really appreciate your questions!

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Don’t worry if you missed the first zkEVM Community Update, here is a link to the Spaces