Antfarm finance - the DEX pool optimizer for LPs

Antfarm Finance - The DEX that provides Real Yield for LPs

Antfarm is the first DEX & pool optimizer launched on Polygon zkEVM, and one of the few dApp available on Defillama and DeBank for the Polygon zkEVM ecosystem.

Antfarm’s mission is to attract , compensate and retain LPs, maximizing their profits while reducing the risks taken.

Antfarm’s protocol is enhanced by the use of the Antfarm Token (ATF) on each and every pool for the payment of every swap fee, independently from the pair traded.
LPs have access to their collected fees at any time, without impacting the TVL of the pool.
15% of the swap fees will be burned, leading to a steadily growing value of the deflationary token. Tokens can be reinvested and/or compounded . This offers a dual source of revenue for any LPs.

Don’t miss the #zkDeFi wave on Polygon zkEVM, and start earning real yield as an early Liquidity Provider on Antfarm ! :ant:

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It doesn’t seem like your solution is the next big thing in DeFi, it’s a solution that will be used by few NOT MANY

  1. Even Dexes like Uniswap, and Quickswap provide access to collected fees at any time, right?
    At any point in time, the Fee collected will always be less than the TVL of the pool like, so why did you especially mention the TVL?

The tokenomics of ATF is not very attractive, So overall I think this project can’t add much value to the ecosystem.


Nothing here I mentioned should be considered as financial advice & personal.