Announcement - zkevm mainnet beta network rehashing & l2 bridge resync

A zkEVM Network Rehashing + L2 bridge resync is scheduled for the coming week. As a result, there will be a downtime for about 6 hours .

Note: This does not impact the state of the zkEVM Network, any past transactions or any L1 information.

Here are the details:
Date: Mon, Sept 18
Time: 10:30 AM CEST / 08:30 AM UTC
Duration: 6 hours

Why the rehashing? A rehashing was found necessary when a bug found in an early version of the executor (v.1.1.x). executed different calculations resulting in a mismatch of L2 block’s hashes.

What happens when the rehashing is done? The network will resync from genesis, and the state of the transactions stays the same but the L2 block hashes will be changed with the correct calculations. This already has been done on the testnet, all hashes got corrected and synced. An L2 bridge resync will also happen, after the rehashing.

Instructions with DB Snapshots for Infrastructure partners
For Infrastructure Partners, you will have access to snapshots to facilitate the rehashing with its corresponding instructions here. Once the latest snapshots are available, a post will be shared in this regard.

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Should we start rehashing at 10:30AM CEST like it is described here - Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. or can we start now?

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You need to wait untill the mainnet rehasing is completed, and snapshots will be provided to hasten you syncing duration.

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Ok, great!

Snapshots will be available on this links?

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Once the rehashing is completed, more information would be provided about it.