Announcement: Extention of Voting hours for Vote for the Bounty Competition - Round 1

Dear Polygon Community and projects participating in Round 1 of the Vote for the Bounty Contest,
( @emilio, @Brandon_Paraverse, @zinax, @s3mz, @Suveett, @judith, @hummingbirdfighter, @Nickels)

Due to an unexpected error that is prohibiting people from verifying on PolygonID and thus voting in the competition, we have extended the deadline for Round 1 to Sunday the 21st (14:00 GMT).

We would like to thank all the community members and Projects that have helped us report on the issue and reassure them that our teams are working hard to identify and resolve this as well as any further issues. Your reports and feedback are what will help us improve PolygonID and for that, we are really grateful!

Returning part of our gratefulness, we reward those who vote with the chance of winning FREE Polygon Merch!

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