AmaFans - "Ask Me Anything" from an expert

Project description

AmaFans is trying to solve the two-way problem in the expert economy:

Problem: Experts can’t filter from thousands of messages they receive every day on several social media platforms.

Problem: Individuals send cold queries but hardly get any response from anyone.

This is the problem in the C2C segment. In the B2B segment, The same problem has been solved by intermediaries like GLG, third bridge, etc. The B2B segment observed a revenue of $1.2Billion last year with 1.5 million experts in total.

AmaFans has started with the C2C segment, where people are looking for a piece of advice from an expert and are ready to pay for it too. Our research shows that People are willing to pay $50-$100 for a single piece of advice from an established expert.

Like every Marketplace, companies like GLG and Thirdbridge act as intermediaries between supply and demand; we have replaced intermediaries with smart contracts and, in turn, with the social reputation of the experts.

How we solved it: On AmaFans, Experts can define the amount they want to charge for their advice, and seekers will have to send that amount upfront with their query. If the query goes unanswered, seekers can withdraw their money back.

While answering and sending queries, users’ social reputation is being maintained on the blockchain that they can mint as soulbound tokens whenever they want.

Current status of the project

  • Our recent version has been live on Polygon Mainnet since the 15th of July 2022.

  • Significant UI/UX changes based on the customer feedback will be live by this month’s end.

  • dApp is live

  • We have around 50+ DAU with an average engagement time of 4+ minutes.


We are working towards onboarding new experts on the platform. We are hoping to reach 50000+ DAU by the end of this year.

Team members

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We are pivoting to Wallet to wallet messaging without SPAM.
Now, You can send an end-to-end encrypted message to any address. You can also define a minimum tip that has to be sent with the message - preventing spam.
You can also donate your earnings to climate change DAOs.