🍋 Spice up interactions with your web3 users & customers, for increased sales & conversion, & reduced CAC

AddZest at a glance

AddZest is a B2B marketing solution for any company (Web2, Web2.5 & Web3) to easily run 1:1 personalised campaigns to onboard, convert and retain web3 users. We combine customer wallet and first-party data to create a range of campaigns, similar to Hotjar, which range from onsite product recommendations to smart token gating.
23% of revenue is attributed to personalisation tools for the companies that use them in Web2, AddZest brings this to web3.

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Team information:

Name: Elliot Garreffa
Role: CEO, Co-Founder
Elliot Garreffa is a visionary entrepreneur and the CEO and Co-Founder of AddZest. With a background in innovation and strategy consulting previously working at companies such as Capgemini Invent, Elliot brings a wealth of experience in driving business growth and delivering campaigns that enhance customer engagement and drive sales. He has extensive experience in the web3 space as a Co-Founder of Web3Audience, a web3 creative agency, which works with some of the largest brands in the world. Elliot has proven expertise in onboarding, converting, and retaining web3 customers and with a track record of strategic thinking and a deep understanding of customer analytics, Elliot is at the forefront of revolutionizing customer experiences in the web3 era.

Name: Ian Smith
Role: CTO
With prior experience at NASA and Microsoft, Ian Smith is a highly accomplished technology expert and the CTO of AddZest. With a remarkable background in blockchain development, investment, and support, Ian brings unparalleled technical expertise to the table. Having served as the Chief Developer at Geeq and the CEO and Lead Developer at Vidicodepro, Ian has honed his skills in architecting complex solutions and integrating blockchain technology into various industries, including healthcare. His experience as an Architect at Leep Network and CTO at MediaCoin further solidify his expertise in secure blockchain solutions and identity management. Ian’s technical entrepreneurship background and his proficiency in network security make him an invaluable asset to AddZest, driving innovation and leading the development of cutting-edge web3 solutions.
Github: RorschachRev (RorschachRev) · GitHub

Name: Vincent McLeese
Role: CPO, Co-Founder
Vincent McLeese is a passionate Co-Founder and the CPO of AddZest. With a solid foundation as a consultant at Accenture, Vincent has leveraged his expertise in DLT/Blockchain technology to drive innovation and build meaningful products in collaboration with Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, and protocols. As a Co-Founder of Efiko, a web3 boutique consultancy focused on advancing decentralization, and Web3Audience, Vincent has demonstrated his commitment to driving the web3 ecosystem forward. With his experience as a Blockchain Mentor at UNICEF Ventures and a DeFi Basecamp Mentor at Outlier Ventures, Vincent actively contributes to the growth of the blockchain community. Vincent’s passion for decentralization and his ability to align business goals with technological advancements make him a driving force behind AddZest’s mission to transform customer experiences.

Name: Niels Abdellatif
Role: Head of Growth
Niels Abdellatif is an accomplished professional and the Head of Growth at AddZest. With his extensive background in growth and research, Niels plays a pivotal role in enhancing customer experiences in the web3 landscape. As the CEO, COO, and Co-Founder of Onboard, Niels spearheaded the development of a decentralized and permissionless onboarding platform, showcasing his expertise in building innovative solutions. His experience in financial crime detection and client filtering at reputable institutions like ABN AMRO Bank and as a Business Developer makes him a versatile professional with a keen eye for compliance and risk assessment. Niels’ diverse skill set and deep understanding of customer needs contribute to AddZest’s continued growth and success.

Besides the above, we have a changing number of developers attached to Efiko ( This is because we are proud to be incubated by Efiko, as it enables us to draw on further resources to create an amazing product for the community.

Company structure & business model
At the time of writing, we are in the pre-seed stage. The Dev team is doing great work and should have a demoable MVP by the end of this week.

As mentioned, we are an Efiko-incubated project, and benefit from their support & network. Besides that, we successfully completed the Blockchain Founders Group accelerator in the beginning of 2023, and got an initial injection of capital from them.

We are currently not thinking about decentralization, simply because we are so early. Whether or not we decentralise in the future will be subject to our product development. We are operating from a SaaS business model.

Expectations from Polygon Village
We see Polygon Village as a great resource for multiple reasons. The first is that there might be projects building on Polygon who could benefit from understanding their customers & personalising to them, and being in the community and being able to offer services to serious builders is a huge benefit. Secondly, given the expertise of those building, we now have an network of serious builders who in turn could offer value to us in terms of their own services. We’re looking forward to getting involved, building, and having fun pushing the blockchain revolution!