Accidentally sent weth(polygon) to weth(erc20) address

i’ve accidentally sent weth(polygon) to weth(erc20) address, but its not visible anymore even after transaction was successful. please help in recovering my funds.

Thank You.

Hey, you will get prompt response on Polygon discord… Try asking there…thanks…

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Hi @youwh0, It can’t be recovered if you have sent the token to another chain.


i thought polygon was erc20? I also sent some polygon to my Trezor T because its supposed to support Polygon now. Didn’t show up. buy i can see it on Polyscan and it has the same address as my eth.

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Hi @Tony, Which platform did you send the coin to? If the platform supports the Polygon chain, Then your token will visible!

Sent via polygon network to Trezor.

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Try connecting your trezor to metamask and check if your tokens show on the Polygon chain?