About the Polygon-Hermez-zkEVM category

The Polygon Hermez category is specially meant to be used for 'ALL THINGS Polygon zkEVM’

Want to learn more about zkEVM, want to open a discussion topic and get input from other community members or zkEVM team? You are in the right place and using the right category.

zkEVM is currently on Testnet and available to be testner in a permissionless way, check out the zkEVM wiki for more information.

We are continuously updating the documentation and providing updates on new releases. If there is something you want to know and you can’t find it in the zkEVM wiki, please post you questions under this category.

How to get started here are 3 steps:

1- Open a new post
2- Add the relevant tags: zkevm zk zkrollup
3- Use a title that clearly describes your topic
4- tag anyone in particular you want to alert about the post
5- Congrats! you have join our zk-friends community!

i think this needs to be updated?

Thanks, it does need updating indeed!

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