About my web3 journey

Basic Introduction:
My name is Nath and i am from Ireland. I grew up in the UK.

Professional Background:
I am a computer scientist.

Interests in Web3:
NFT and Defi

Feature Recommendations:
Polygon has been one of the best chain i have ever used. never encountered any problem

Current Projects:
Yes, Its an NFT collection and the Name is Crazy faction. It is under Solana Chain

Learning and Development:
Web development. I am trying to build a career in that path. I will appreciate any material or help i can get

Community Engagement:
I am a good leader. I also have good graphic/animation skill. i can contribute in different way if given the opportunity

Future Aspirations:
I dream of having one of the biggest project in web3 that will have world recognition

Fun Facts:
I love traveling, swimming and playing game

Connect and Collaborate:
Other community members can reach me on X formally known as Twitter on @copiscout