AAVEPool.org What is that

have received a lot of AAVEPool.org on two occasions, which are apparently on the polygon network, and I don’t understand what to do with them, the first time I got 62.58 pcs, and the second time I got 51.08 pcs. Can someone explain to me what this is?

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This is a token that was airdropped by someone to your wallet. It looks to me like it is a scam token, trying to lure you to the website so they can (probably) scam you/steal your crypto by connecting your wallet and signing a malicious transaction.
I would strongly advise you to not interact with the token or the website.

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Thanks for the heads up I have 84 AAVE from AAVEpool.org in my Coinbase wallet and I almost generated API keys to try to connect my wallet to that website glad I held off


I thought it odd… I received 32.18 worth of AAVEPool.org tokens and immediately received another 51.07 additional AAVEPool.org tokens.

About $6,500 worth at the time. I apparently sent them to an ETH address instead of POLY.

Better to learn a hard life lesson with a scam coin than real money.

At any rate, I assume the only way to “sell” the coin is to connect to aavepool.org via API?

Here are the marooned tokens:

Hey, I scanned the contract of that token you received and scanner detected one high risk issue in that contract. This vulnerability was used to exploit, so I would suggest not to interact with it.