A wild mudboi appears.

Basic Introduction:
I’m mudboi, reside in the UK and I am here for the tech.

Professional Background:
I work an office 9-5 but I am learning SQL to better analyse blockchain data.

Interests in Web3:
I’ve done meme coins, I’ve done DeFi, I’ve done NFT and I have spent the last 2 years airdrop hunting. None have worked out.

Feature Recommendations:
I like polygon, it’s just none of the narratives and incentives are yet to land there. Yet.

Current Projects:
Picking myself up off the floor after my disappointing zksync allocation.

Learning and Development:
My main challenges is perpetually having a shrimp wallet and not being able to provide value add to get into better projects or groups. I am yet to overcome this.

Community Engagement:
I am a free loader and will eventually forget about this question.

Future Aspirations:
I oneday wish to work in crypto fulltime.

Fun Facts:
Big Arsenal fan
Resident evil fan