A non-custodial P2P exchange for all Polygon assets

Gm Fam,

Bear markets are for builders and often a short time frame to create the new tools to scale crypto use cases and adoption and mos importantly to make this space stronger and more resistant from external attacks from scammers, regulators and governments

We’re building the Web3 Bazaar, a non-custodial P2P exchange to enable swaps between any ERC-20 token or NFT between parties that had already agreed to terms.

The Bazaar is fully open-source dApp supported on a non-custodial escrow smart contract that ensures both sides own the intended assets at the time of the exchange and that it is executed at the same time for both parties.

The Bazaar will always be free to use and will never require KYC or any kind of user identification so no one is excluded or canceled when within the Metaverse.

We’re currently on Mumbai testnet and being audited by Certik thanks to the amazing welcome voucher provided by the community.
Mainnet launch is scheduled for early July and that’s when we will be onboarding the first Polygon gaming and DeFi projects to become verified and tradeable in the Bazzar

We’re also currently participating in Gitcoin Round 14 and since all our funds come exclusively from grants or donations we’re reaching out to the ones withing the Polygon fam to whom the protection of P2P trades mater for support. 1 USD can be turned into 100 during this round so there’s probably no better timing to do so.


Congrats, this is great news! Keep up the great work :slight_smile:


This is a great concept, look forward to seeing it being used on mainnet following the audit.