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What’s next after you mint your NFT collections? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

How do you continue to grow your NFT community
and provide quality holder experience for your holders?

:purple_circle: Get started with After ( ) Mint, an All-in-one NFT Holder Satisfaction Booster!

After ( ) Mint is a holder-exclusive mobile app solution white labeled for NFT projects to provide quality holder experience to its most loyal community members.

Our solution provides an enhanced loyalty program experience to holders with plug-n-play modules (provided as tabs within the mobile app) that can be selected and white labeled to NFT projects’ needs.

:purple_square: :purple_square: Limited-time offer for all NFT projects on Polygon! (Keep scrolling!) :purple_square: :purple_square:

:purple_circle: White label Examples:

:purple_circle: Plug-n-play modules and key features:

  • NFT membership cards :credit_card:

    • Holder-exclusive content generation tools (custom filters for each NFT)
    • One-click easy social media sharing of generated contents
    • Scannable QR codes for IRL events
  • Community billboard/Calendar :spiral_calendar:

    • Community announcements, events, and benefits selectively plugged into the billboard and calendar based on NFTs held by the holder
    • Bookmark and push notification functions for maximized engagement
  • Official store/Marketplace :shopping_cart:

    • Promotion listing of upcoming collections, airdrops, merch (Official store)
    • Holders only listing where holders can self-promote their listings (Holders-only marketplace)
  • In-app games/Loyalty point system :joystick:

    • In-app games and gamification to earn loyalty points
    • Daily/weekly goal and prize settings for maximized holder engagement
  • More service modules on the way!

:purple_circle: What we are solving:

A key problem for NFT projects in the post-minting stage (after the “hype”) is continued growth of their community and building connection/loyalty with their holders.

However, many of the current community platforms experience:

  1. Lack of features/capabilities to fully represent NFT projects
  • Trying to fit every project into a single box called Discord doesn’t work!
  • Communities being very dependent on web 2 social platforms.
    What if Elon Musk shuts down Twitter?
  1. Projects not being able to provide quality holder experience
  • What else can you do with your NFTs besides holding?
  1. Communities not being accessible to web3/non-web3 users
  • Isn’t there supposed to be an app for everything?
  • Community at your fingertips!

:purple_circle: Our take:

:zap: Own your community! Make it more accessible via mobile!

In order to solve these problems, After ( ) Mint allows projects to develop a dedicated platform which the projects can own and control, expand utility of their NFT collection using After ( ) Mint’s plug-n-play tools and features, and make it more accessible and easy-to-use for those who aren’t as acclimated to the web 3 world.

:zap: Data-driven Community Building

In addition to the loyalty program features, After ( ) Mint’s capability to generate various types of engagement with contents and tools for their NFTs, allows Project Owners to be capable of capturing holder usage data (both in web and mobile) and achieve meaningful insights about their most loyal community members which can be used towards providing strategic data-driven community building. Holder usage/engagement data are provided to our partners in the form of reports and dashboards.

:zap: Guaranteed Holder Satisfaction

After ( ) Mint provides optimized Holder eXperience (HX) solutions with guaranteed holder satisfaction. With this, we aim to enhance our partnering communities’ values which can further create a network effect to raise values of its NFTs to support one of the core values in web 3, stakeholder capitalism.

:purple_circle: After ( ) Mint

After ( ) Mint is a web 3 product by Platfarm, a global IT company backed by Samsung VC with its core strength in UX (Locations: US, South Korea, Vietnam). Platfarm is partnered with Google, WhatsApp, ZALO, etc. for its IT platform and SDK/API services.

For its web 3 products, Platfarm provides Gall3ry (a web 3 identity platform, D2C) and After ( ) Mint (Holder-exclusive mobile app solution for NFT projects, B2B).

After ( ) Mint is led by three of its co-founders Joseph Lee (CEO, Serial Entrepreneur), Jun Kim (CPO, Product UX Specialist), and James Lee (VP-BD, Global Business Strategist) who are web 3-enthusiasts well-versed in blockchain and web 3 ecosystems.

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After ( ) Mint
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For a limited time, Polygon NFT projects applying for After ( ) Mint development
will be provided three (3) month full credit.
Contact our co-founder below :arrow_lower_left:

Want to learn more about After ( ) Mint?
Talk with one of our founders, James!

Telegram @jmz_io | Email james.lee@platfarm.net

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