21st Sept 2023: zkEVM Testnet Update

Node v0.3.1 Release v0.3.1 · 0xPolygonHermez/zkevm-node · GitHub
Prover v2.2.2 https://github.com/0xPolygonHermez/zkevm-prover/releases/tag/v2.2.2This Testnet update

Fixes two specific points:
1 - Forced batches: Fixes ‘duplicated key errors’ and transaction processing with invalid RLP
2 - Synchronizer and Executor: Includes a fix for situations when there is a 'stateRoot calculated is different from the stateRoot received during the trustedState synchronisation' error that resolves after a synchroniser restart.

The executor has a fix that allows smooth processing of batches generated with older versions prior to ForkID4 which may affect permissionless nodes trying to sync from genesis.This version is highly recommended for RPC providers and does not require config changes.


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