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What are we building?

We are building the WordPress of NFTs.

1o1.art is a no-code NFT creator platform that empowers artists to create on-chain and off-chain art that lasts forever. Our platform is built with smart contract upgradeability in mind, using ERC-2535 to ensure that artists can manage their artwork for as long as the blockchain exists.

Like WordPress for NFTs, our platform provides a hassle-free solution for reliable creation, updates, and reuse of NFT smart contract logic. Moreover, we’re building the support for creators and businesses to become their own minting platforms. Our platform is designed to increase customer retention rates, empower development teams, and help businesses fix critical smart contract bugs, making upgradeable NFT creation accessible to everyone

Use cases

1o1.art benefits the Polygon ecosystem by providing a no-code NFT creator platform that allows creators and developers to easily launch and manage their own upgradeable NFTs, with both on-chain and off-chain capabilities. A feature we think will be critical for long term game and NFT development success. We achieve this using ERC-2535 for smart contract upgradeability, while also providing an easy-to-use point and click interface for launching NFTs, customizing and upgrading NFTS.

Additionally, our platform allows for the sharing and reuse of smart contract components, which can make it easier for creators to develop on the platform.

Furthermore, we have developed claimable NFT pages, inspired by https://manifold.xyz, that can help creators spread the word about their artwork and increase the visibility of the Polygon ecosystem, especially for art, providing a critical step for creating a thriving NFT ecosystem.

Finally Intents, each NFT launched has the ability of adding an intents framework , allowing the NFT contract itself to be a hub for innovation. The framework also allows us to provide support for collaborative minting and permissions management that can be incredibly tricky to manage.


Zane Starr (Co-founder/ Principal Engineer):
Zane has over 15 years of professional software development experience working on systems and tooling solving problems from wireless sensor networks to Big Data at Groupon. He also worked at Consensys on the Cellarius project as Tech Lead, and at ETCLabs was a ETCcore developer and the technical lead on partnerships.

He is an avid open source contributor( a Co-founder of Open-RPC an open-source JSON-RPC description language used by Ethereum Foundation, Metamask and others in the broader blockchain ecosystem.

He has been building a technology firm Create Dream Tech LLC, where he’s focused on building blockchain tokenomic infrastructure for software developers and tooling for NFTs having placed 3rd as Lukso Word Up Hackathon and launched the first NFT to NFT swapping platform on Swapp.land on Near

linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zane-starr-3856022a/
github: https://www.github.com/zcstarr
github: https://www.github.com/createdreamtech
github: https://www.github.com/open-rpc
github: https://www.github.com/swappland
github: https://www.github.com/createdreamtech/carti

Shane Jonas (Co-Founder/ Principal Engineer):
Shane Jonas has over 11 years of professional software development experience working on systems and tooling solving problems from esports to blockchain API infrastructure problems.

He co-founded XOPS a blockchain consulting company, that was contracted to build a blockchain ecosystem for Ethereum Classic as a Tech Lead for the ETCCore team. He since then has taken up the role of Sr Fullstack Engineer building APIs for Metamask.

He is an avid Open Source contributor, he is a Co-founder of the OpenRPC project a project used by the entire blockchain ecosystem including Ethereum Foundation, Metamask and Filecoin.

He has also won several hackathons, he placed 1st at EthDenver hackathon bounty for his Filecoin/Ceramic document editor, 2nd in the Lukso WordUp Hackathon, and loves pushing the edges and boundaries of technology.

linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shanejonas/
github: https://www.github.com/shanejonas
github: https://www.github.com/xops
github: https://www.github.com/open-rpc
// for references to work while at ETCLabs
github: https://www.github.com/etclabscore

Eujern Lim (Advisor): Eujern Lim has deep knowledge of startups, he was an early member of OkCupid (acquired by match) and Squarespace. He has been a member of the core team at startups for the past decade, and has deep knowledge of building APIs.
linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eujern/



  • NFT Framework Launch
  • Claim Page creation


  • Release SDK
  • Launch on Polygon
  • Public docs
  • First 100 community claim pages


  • Collaborative UX launched
  • Intents framework usage
  • NFT Community Launch
  • First 10,000 community claim pages


  • Beta App chain NFT Platform launch
  • Beta NFT Platform as a service launch

Call to Action

We welcome all innovators, artists, and developers, we’re excited to provide a platform for experimentation and exploration. Feel free to reach out to me directly at zane@1o1.art
or at us on twitter via https://twitter.com/1o1art

Create moar NFTs and have fun!



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