Project name : @0xmFET,.

Project Overview :

Real life Agricultural scenic eden that harnesses the power of Web3 through NFT utility. The project aims to provide more food to all, production of raw agricultural materials for manufacturers in large scales, reduction of unemployment rate, majorly for the youths, and also empower women in agribusiness. While we focus on agriculture, we also have a big eye on bluechip start-up investment funding scheme to increase our reach for profitability, (and creation of more value).

Primary Use-case : NFT.

Secondary Use-case : Token.

Team Presentation :

Name : **FATIGUN Abayomi Adeyeri

Position : Founder/CEO

About : An undergraduate student of Agriculture and Biosystems engineering at the federal university of Ilorin, Nigeria. With my diverse exposure and knowledge in the tech industry, I believe, WEB3 possess more than enough power to help solve many of human challenges to afford basic needs, such as food, shelter, clothing and good health. This is why, 0xmFET was birthed.

Road Map : coming Soon

Links :
Website: coming soon.

Twitter : https://twitter.com/0xmFET

Discord : coming soon

YouTube : coming soon

Instagram : coming soon

NOTE : Continuous updates will be done in the long run.

Thanks for having me in the Polygon Village.

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