Wallet has been emptied. Polygon node either hacked, scammed or faulty?

I was earning USDT through polygon node stake-free mining. My wallet (which no information has ever been shared with anyone) was emptied yesterday morning. However when I open the link to see my earnings on polygon node stake free mining I can see my funds and my rewards but I no longer have access to them. Has anybody experienced this before? Would appreciate some help if anyone knows what to do ! Thanks


Hey Teeks,

For support requests visit: Support : Polygon Support


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Hi @Teeks11, Thanks for bringing this to us. Can you tell me if you have tried to clear the browser cache and check with login? Or did you try to log in with another browser?

No I haven’t tried to log in with another browser.
I can see that funds have been taken from my wallet though

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@Teeks11, In that case, There was some mistake from your side only. Either you have clicked on an unknown like or you have shared your private key with someone by mistake.

Note:- Never click on any unknown link or Never share your private key with anyone.

I’ve never clicked on an unknown like… what could I have done wrong? This has happened to numerous other people so sounds like polygon is a scam…

@Teeks11, This is not true, Your Polygon Wallet has to connect with any web3 wallet, So once your wallet gets compromised, Your polygon wallet also does. There is no issue from our side.

Thanks for understanding!

But my polygon wallet says there are funds in there although I cannot access them. My actual wallet has no funds as they have been emptied, by a polygon node address… sounds like a scam to me. So no I do not understand…
This is the link, please have a look.


Please share your wallet address, @Teeks11


@Teeks11, Can you tell me if you are talking about USDT tokens?

Yes I am talking about usdt

@Teeks11, You have sent the USDT to its contract. And the token is ERC20. You can check the transaction hash details from here https://etherscan.io/tx/0x527461094617bd8a99b5549cfc2b57558cf14763ccca5064fcd3cdbb4134d978

Yes that is what it looks like, however I did not make that transaction… this has also happened to someone else I know. Any advice ?