Upcoming zkEVM testnet and mainnet update and rehashing

The Cardona testnet update and rehashing will start at 09.30 PM CET/ 08.30 PM UTC
As soon as the testnet operations are completed, the update and rehashing will be done on Mainnet beta

Estimated time for mainnet is 11.00 PM CET/ 10 PM UTC
:construction: During the respective operations, the networks will NOT be available for ~1.5 hrs

Node version: v0.5.11
Prover version: v4.0.13

For infrastructure providers,
Instructions to be shared soon.

Please note (Required) Instructions for infrastructure Providers
After Cardona testnet operations are completed, please update & follow rehashing instructions
After zkEVM mainnet beta operations are completed, please update & follow rehashing instructions

:warning:[Important] zkEVM Mainnet Beta

Issue identification: The above update was as a result of a bug that was identified in the executor where some transactions that reverted, generated event logs. This doesn’t affect the state of the network, but the events affected the L2 block hash calculation. So, depending on which executor version was running, and how it was called, asynchronous or real-time, incorrect block hashes were calculated, leading to the mismatch.
Resolution: A new version of the node and executor was deployed as scheduled above in Cardona testnet and zkEVM mainnet beta, and a rehashing of the networks will be done since the Etrog batch.

Apologies for the inconveniences caused, and thank you for your understanding and patience. We will keep you informed as we perform these operations today.

:information_source:Please note:

The update is running behind schedule. Testing, preparations and checks are ongoing. We’re trying to operationalise as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.

17th Feb, 2024

We have decided to postpone the rehash. We will schedule the rehash of Cardona and Mainnet on Monday, Feb 19th, at 11:00 AM CET.
After rehashing our internal testnet and passing all the tests of the last release, we introduced a new bug that could be problematic. We already fixed this bug, but we believe it is more prudent to continue doing more tests in our internal testnet this weekend and reschedule the rehashing.In this situation, and after several days of work without rest, it is better not to make hasty decisions or take actions that could lead to more significant harm. We are fully aware of all the implications that this has, and without a doubt, our will is to solve them as soon as possible.On behalf of the whole team, we sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience; we are certainly putting all our efforts into resolving this situation as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your understanding.