Tokens lost since january, send from metamask subaccount

Lets say that my main metamask walled is called “A”

Secondary wallet, created as a subaccount of wallet “A” is called “B”

I do send tokens from “A” to “B” and then connect my metamask to with wallet B. While connected to Matic wallet with account “B” I do use a delegation menu and with first attempt of delegation I receive an error informing of not enough gas to perform staking. I do send ETH to cover new gas price. With second attempt to delegate, using the same menu, I do receive information of succesful transaction but I am also aware of the fact that it may take some time to get tokens credited and be visible. I go to sleep. I woke up. Tokens are gone from wallet “B”. They are not visible in the delegator menu even with wallet “A” connected, and wallet “B” is also gives same results. Its like they were transferred to a completly new wallet with transfer itself (transation 1) and an approval for trade with Matic as (transaction 2). Every ticket submitted get the same response.
Support claims the trade has been done manually.
But it was not. It was done while using a delegator menu.

Transaction was done back in january with (I assume) older version of Matic wallet/delegation site.

Any ideas how to help me getting my tokens back?

Would love any of dev to take look, since every time I wanted to get some answers or help, it was either no help or no response at all.

Tokens remain untouched since january and they are worth 72730.72$ at the moment of writing this sentence.

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