The Dummy Experience (NFT Project)

Hello everyone, i’m a Solo Project Builder, from “We are Dummies” Group.

I’m building a project with the objective to have an 3D Library based on NFT models. Holders gonna be able to manage their NFT’s that gonna be linked to a 3D archive that could be downloadable. Some step gonna followed before the full release of it.

:red_circle: A access collection have been deployed, named “The Crash Room”. This NFT Collection have the objective to rise funds to the project, and holders gonna be airdroped for free as we release the full experience;

Those are some examples of the actual collection named “The Crash Room”;

:orange_circle: Until the full release we want to build a strong community that can support each others;

:yellow_circle: After the release of “The Dummy Experience”, its the start point for the development of merch and to bring events so the community could enjoy of it;

:green_circle: Deploy a complete guide to how to build a NFT Project, and teach people some important aspects about design, modeling and coding.

Since we are in devolpement, some changes are normal to happen.

Our links to social media and website:

:globe_with_meridians: Website: (

:bird: Twitter: (@dummyexperience)

:speaking_head: Discord:

Enjoy the life, we are dummies!

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