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Hi @Zachary_Anello. Thank you for expressing interest in participating in the Vote for Bounty Contest.
As it is mentioned in the initial announcement Vote for the Bounty Contest there are some requirements and a suggested format for the submissions.
I am posting it below.
Please have a look at it and submit a proposal adhering to the standards to participate in the competition!

Submission Format

Below is a template to guide the preparation of submission requests:


A brief overview of the project’s key features and ethos.

Cover Artwork

We strongly advise that submissions contain a graphical element that gives users an overview of the ‘topic’ or ‘theme’ of the submission.

Project Description

Provide an overview of the project, including;

  • Purpose - What problem are you solving, or what is the basis for this idea
  • The benefit to the community
  • Current/projected users

Project Roadmap / Strategy

Outline the product roadmap with its accompanying strategy to deliver it to the market

Project Team Members

Provide a list of all members who will be working on the project

Project Socials

If there are pre-existing social media accounts, link them here.

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