Problem at Bridge Checkpoint

I was trying to bridge 50.018 UST (PoS) from the Polygon network to the Ethereum network. Got to the checkpoint without incidents and hit the continue button (Polygon transaction hash 0x9faa23ab181ee015ccd4612e53ad4e14ad3c91283a4022a0040d7051ce3f5aa6) . For the ethereum part of the transaction the estimated gas fee was around $7 but when metamask pops out, the gas price was ridiculous (around $378).

I adjusted the gas on metamask to around $7 but the transaction failed with “Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Out of gas]” (ETH transaction hash 0x2b8b07c45571818f8e1ef7eed9589e53bea8be0000ac60113e300b43ec693ab4)

Then if I try to get the transaction to finish I get an “ALERT: Transaction error. Exception thrown in contract code.”

Can anyone help me out with this?

Wallet 0xBd1f209B490276364088803A5BcfCa384d83Ccfb

Thank you. I really appreciate your help.

For what its worth … I had similar issue - I was using Chrome, I imported my metamask into Brave and tried again from there, got a reasonable Tx fee ($7) - and Tx has moved to the next stage (Withdraw Initiated)

Thank you, they already fixed the issue with the bridge, just retried the transaction and it worked.