Polygon Village | Introduce Yourself 2

Basic Introduction:
Hello, my name is Kaio also known in web3 as Overino, I am from Brazil
I love web3 because it is liberating, web3 is freedom.

Professional Background:
Poker Player

Interests in Web3:
I like gameFI, NFTs, and DEFI
i find account abstraction by kinto very appealing

Feature Recommendations:
No recommendations for now

Current Projects:
I am majorly a tester/user, so no projects for now

Learning and Development:
Initially i found it hard using tools, research, TA, early finds etc, but i was able to quickly overcome that using twitter effectively. Utilizing twitter effectively is key, follow important account and add them to a list then stay consistent with learning from them.

Community Engagement:
i like memeFI too if that’s a thing in web3, i can make memes to cheer the community and i`ll definitely love to contribute to discussion on polygon.

Future Aspirations:
Long terms goals would be to have onboarded more web2 peeps and to have gained some level of financial freedom along the way.
The future of web3 is bright, but we have to speak up against using it as an avenue to rug people as well as launder money.

Fun Facts:
no one

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