Polygon Nightfall Mainnet Launch

Polygon Nightfall Mainnet Beta is now live!

From the announcement blog post:

"We’re in the early innings when it comes to enterprise needs for blockchains. Whether it’s supply chain management or marketplaces, the potential for secure business transactions on a public ledger has enormous implications.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce Polygon Nightfall, a blockchain solution that leverages cutting edge Optimistic-Zero Knowledge technology to give businesses an accessible blockchain network with the iron-clad privacy they need."


Hello guys, fantastic project, I read practically all the documentation and I’m sorry if what I’m going to say has already been discussed, I couldn’t find it.

There really is no way to perform forensic analysis on transactions? Regardless of identifying the participating actors (I understand that identification would break the main purpose). Is it only possible to know if a transaction is legitimate or not?

If the answer is yes, I totally agree, because I’m a libertarian, but most of the market out there is not…

I’ve been working in the digital market for decades and I’ve had 3 projects (photogrammetry / aerial spraying with drones / automation planting cannabis) that failed because I tried to go against the “status quo”, and the government threw me on the canvas, and we’re not even talking about finances, which is much more critical.

An example: the Luna case - a forensic analysis revealed triggers, that the movement was not “so” natural, after the robots pack nobody safe, but there was a genesis, and it was possible to find out.

As I understand it, to perform forensics on a ZK-based chain I would have to do regression to deposit and withdrawal moments, at first this is fine, after a few months, impractical…

If the objective is really freedom and privacy and the focus is on the more enlightened part of the market, OK, but if the objective is massification, I think it can be complicated today, not 5 or 10 years from now, but today…


Every problem can have a solution…
Without touching the nightfall core:

Extend the block explorer that will be used with nightfall.

Change the wallet to optionally make the transaction public and auditable

[x]Public Transaction (adds transaction data to IPFS/NOSQL/STATICDB/whatever)
Makes visible only in blockscan (the chain remains the same)
Option to add comment directly to the wallet.

Usage examples:

  • ICO/Crowd - paying suppliers/investors with the token created, it is extremely useful to comment on the transaction to validate public trust.

  • Government: Public and auditable transactions of public expenditures.

  • NGOs;

  • Social business;

  • DAOS;

Hi @NagôBRSTC. First of all thank you for your ideas and contribution to build a better solution for Polygon Nightfall.

Working with governments and public administration is always a handicap as you mention. Regulations about KYC and public visibility of the transactions data makes difficult for Polygon Nightfall to have some project right now without extending its functionality that is clear focused on privacy.

That’s why the current Polygon Nightfall version is more focused on Enterprise projects that need this privacy for avoiding competition issues or directly GDPR issues.

We have some ideas for the future that could relax this privacy requirement having for instance a “whitelist” as other systems have, to know the participants but having still this privacy when talking about the transactions between them in Polygon Nightfall that is its core function with the ZK technology to avoid giving any information.

Having the public data from the transactions available in other systems would make this ZK functionality useless and could let to security or GDPR issues.

For this functionality there are other Polygon solutions that could manage these transactions public without privacy and could fit in the projects you mention.

The use cases of the different enterprises that are contacting now with Polygon Nightfall will define these new functionalities that we should take into account for future releases.

Thank you.

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Clear as water, long tail positioning based on market research. Again congratulations on the project and thanks for your attention. The simple fact of answering a question from a common user on something of this scale already denotes Polygon’s commitment to transparency and good service, happy to have chosen you as the home of my project.