Polygon Mainnet PoS contract interaction issue - EVM version

Hi guys, i am working on a smart contract which works perfectly fine on Ethereum Shanghai
currently rewriting my contract to deploy on Polygon Mainnet PoS.

Im facing issues when interacting with my contract. First issue i was facing was Polygon Mainnet does not support PUSH0 this i’ve resolved by using PUSH1 0x00

Next step was compiling it not with the latest EVM VERSION but compiling with EVM VERSION Merge / Paris. That seemed to work perfectly fine. Now im facing the following issue when calling functions from my contract:

(code: -32000, message: invalid jump destination, data: None)

I’m questioning if i should have compiled the contract with a different EVM VERSION, or if i should use a different option than PUSH1 0x00.

Looking forward to hear from you guys thanks