@nickvein and web3

Basic Introduction:
What’s your name (or username), and where are you from? @nickvein I’m from Argentina, living in Hollywood CA for almost two decades.
What drew you to the world of blockchain and Web3? Creative and financial freedom. Technology. Proof of Humanity.

Professional Background:
Please share a bit about your professional background and current occupation. I’m a film producer of more than two decades experience. Entrepreneur. Investor.
How do you see your skills and experiences contributing to your Web3 journey? I believe in IP and the power of story. Looking forward to adapt web3 IPs into web2 films and shows.

Interests in Web3:
What specific areas of Web3 are you most passionate about (e.g., DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, Gaming)? NFTs, Gaming.
Are there any projects or technologies in Web3 that you find particularly exciting or innovative? Proof of Humanity.

Feature Recommendations:
Have you or a friend ever experienced any pain points when using Polygon PoS? Or, do you have any exciting ideas for the chain you would like to voice?
If so, do you have any specific features/solutions you think would work well? Love Polygon. Y00ts should have never left Polygon.

Current Projects:
Are you currently working on any Web3 projects? If so, please briefly overview what you’re working on. Working on a web2 adaptation of a Y00ts show.
How can the community support your projects? Are there specific collaborations or insights you’re seeking? Community should rally so Frank DeGods gives me the trademark rights so I can call the show Y00ts and not… other.

Learning and Development:
What challenges have you faced in the Web3 space, and how have you overcome them? I got scammed, hacked and “baptized” haha .
Are there any resources or learning paths you’ve found invaluable in your Web3 education that you’d like to share? Learn from the people that care, not just influencers.

Community Engagement:
How do you envision contributing to the Polygon Labs community?
Are you looking forward to participating in any discussions, events, or initiatives? I would love to help and bring my experience. Problem in web3, too many people of “inferiority complex”, hate web2 people like me, even though I’ve been in web3 for almost two years.

Future Aspirations:
What are your long-term goals within Web3 and blockchain technology?
How do you see the future of blockchain evolving, and what role do you hope to play in it? I see myself as the producer bridging web3 IPs to web2 and turning them multi-web.

Fun Facts:
Share a fun fact about yourself or your hobbies outside of Web3.
Is there anything else you’d like the community to know about you? I have two kids, and love taking them to sports events. Soccer. I’m originally from Argentina, we’re the world champions in case you didn’t know.

Connect and Collaborate:
How can other community members reach out to you for collaborations or discussions?
Are you looking for feedback, partners, or resources for your projects?

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