New multichain project / Cartel Of Bulls Yacht Club

Hello dear community,

I’m Abraham the CEO of the Cartel Of Bulls Yacht Club.

I come here to share with you our amazing multichain project.

Before I introduce our project I want to explain why we chose Polygon to deploy a big part of the project. Also why we chose to be multichain and what we expect from Polygon.

1/ Polygon have a lot of benefits:

Awesome community

Low fees

Fast transactions

Proof of stake

Dev friendly

A lot of tools


And for many more things!

2/ We chose to be multichain because we believe the future is multichain, also for other more specific reasons:

  • Security: our treasury will be staked in diverse chains to guarantee a better level of security and stability in case of a hack, spam attack, market crash etc.

  • Marketing: attract more users


3/ First of all we are not here to ask for a grant! Part of our project is ready and self funded by ourselves. We are currently in Phase 1 and we’ll start Phase 2 in september.

The rest of the project will depend on the success during the mint process. We believe in our project so we are not worried about it. The only problem during the bear market is to attract the audience. Many people disappear from social media during bear markets. I never understood this point because from my point of view bear markets are new opportunities to buy low* and to build new things. Is not financial advice is just my point of view and probably the same as many other people.

*Of course nobody knows where the button is.

So we just hope to receive your love and support on this project :purple_heart:

If you have any question feel free to send us a message here or on Discord Discord


Cartel Of Bulls Yacht Club is more than a simple NFT project, it’s a multichain project with diverse utilities, benefits and perks for the hodlers (Dress to earn, Staking, Airdrops, Access to the private club and many more). The first collection consists of 1250 membership cards which give full access to the Cartel Of Bulls Yacht Club, also known as COBYC. The second collection will be airdropped to the owners of the membership cards. Mint, Enjoy and Earn.

Why should you become a member?

First dress to earn

The first dress to earn on “Ethereum and Polygon” and probably the first in all the blockchains.

Private club limited to max 2.5k people (1 NFT hodler = 1 Member)

We’ll mint 1250 membership cards and airdrop 1250 bulls.


– The membership cards will be on:


– The second collection ( the bulls ), our $COBYC token and the COBYC DAO on:


– Our treasury will be staked in diverse blockchains ( Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon and Findora )

Different ways to enjoy passive incomes

Staking Bull* NFTs, Staking $COBYC token, dress to earn**…

*Bull hodlers

**Membership card hodlers

Long terme project

  1. This is not a pump and dump project. We have and we are working to build everything to have a strong brand, strong community and strong long term project. Because like you, we are tired of investing in projects who are here just to make quick money without thinking for a long term vision for the investors.

Sustainable project

  1. We will stake the majority of the revenues from the collection to generate our treasury. We will use the rewards to fund the COBYC DAO, organize events, grow our project, provide liquidity, marketing, pay salaries etc.

Doxxed team with strong experiences and background in the blockchain industry

Our team is doxxed. You probably have met them during the major crypto events (ETHCC, ETH Lisbon, ETH Denver, PBWS, ETH Amsterdam). If you didn’t meet them, we are sorry for your loss. You’ll have the chance to meet them during the future AMAs and future events. Our team members have vast experiences in Marketing, DAOs, Design, Development in the blockchain world.

Great giveaways for the community

Giveaway 10 ETH (discord member only) for each 125 NFT sold we’ll giveaway 1 ETH, 20 whitelists “Free mint” excluding gas fees (discord members only).

Access to exclusive decentralized parties

Our first party will be in Las Vegas ( Hotel included for all the membership card hodlers ) #LFG !!! We can’t wait to meet you all!




NFT membership cards Hodlers

The collection is limited to 1250 membership cards on the Ethereum blockchain.

2x Platinum

26x Gold

129x Silver

1093x Bronze

-Access to our first private party in Las Vegas ( hotel included for all the members )

-Earn passive incomes with the dress to earn, NFT Airdrop, Airdropped $COBYC token, access to private lotteries and parties, access to yacht club and the boat days*, and free swags at our events

-Apply every 3 month to become a governor of the COBYC DAO, vote** to elect the 9 governors.

And more benefits and perks.

*Boat days: Only for Platinum and golds.

**vote to elect the 9 governors: to vote you’ll need to have a minimum of 5K $COBYC on your wallet.

NFT Bulls Hodlers

The collection is limited to 1250 Bulls on the polygon blockchain.

Access to the yacht club, access to our private parties, earn passive incomes with NFT staking, vote* to elect the 9 governors.

*vote to elect the 9 governors: to vote you’ll need to have a minimum of 5K $COBYC on your wallet.

Token Hodlers

21M max supply

Staking, vote* to elect the 9 governors.

We are exploring ways with one of our partners to use our token with a credit card.

*vote to elect the 9 governors: to vote, you’ll need to have a minimum of 5K $COBYC on your wallet.



Creation NFTs, Marketing, Onboarding Partners, Social Medias, Contract Deployment


Mint & Giveaways


Opening The Yacht Club, Special NFT Airdrop, first private party


Creation $COBYC Token, Smart Contract Audit, Launch Token, Token Airdrop


NFT Staking ( Bulls ), Token staking ( $COBYC )


Store, Dress To Earn


Launch of the COBYC community DAO, COBYC Wallet




Name: $COBYC

Chain: Polygon

Max supply: 21M

Price: 0,001$

Fees: Amount TBD

Verified smart contract: Soon!

Utilities: Governance*,Staking.

*Governances: to vote you’ll need to have a minimum of 5K $COBYC on your wallet.

The store

We’ll launch a store to sell rare crypto merch.

We’ll accept only crypto payments!

The concept is easy:

In our store you can buy 3 different mystery boxes. You need to choose your box(es) and select your size.

Maximalist mystery box:

3 t-shirts

1 hat

1 hoodie

1 mug

1 socks

5 stickers

1 gift

Bullish mystery box:

3 t-shirts

1 hat

1 socks

5 stickers

1 gift

Wagmi mystery box:

3 t-shirts

1 hat

5 stickers

When someone buys from our store one of the membership card hodler will win!

And the buyer too!

More information below.

Dress to earn

The hodlers of the membership cards will have access to the dress to earn.

The hodlers of the membership cards will receive X% in cash back.

The % will depend of the membership card:

Platinum: 20% cashback

Gold: 15% cashback

Silver: 9% cashback

Bronze: 5% cashback

The buyers will receive 3% cashback

Dress to earn, how does it work?

At the moment of the checkout the buyer will need to specify an #id between 1 & 1250.

This #id correspond at the #id of the membership cards. Ex: #5 #777 #1250 etc.

There is two ways to win:

First doing nothing and waiting a buyer choose your #id.

Secondly sharing your #id of your NFT with your friends on twitter, telegram, discord etc. Like this you are sure they use your #id .

How to receive the cashback?

To receive the cashback, the buyer will need to specify the NFT #id of the referral at the checkout. This step is mandatory for the buyer to enter an #id to buy the merch. In case you don’t know the owner of the NFT, you’ll need to choose a number between 1 & 1250. We’ll send the amount of the cashback after calculation directly to the address of the buyer as well as to the address of the membership card hodler.

Which token will be used for the cashback?

The buyers will receive 3% of the amount of the order in $COBYC.

The owner of the NFT also known as referral will receive x% of the amount of the order in tokens from our partners.

NFT staking

Bull hodlers will can stake their NFTs to receive rewards.

Token staking

$COBYC hodlers will can stake their tokens to receive rewards.

Private lotteries

Every 3 months we’ll organize private lotteries with special prizes. Only for membership card hodlers.

COBYC Community DAO

Upon phase 6, we’ll launch the COBYC community DAO!

The governors will receive funds to organize or sponsor meetups, organize contests and giveaways for the community etc…

Only the owners of the membership cards may become governors.

To become a governor, you’ll need to post your candidacy on our forum and be elected.

The DAO will be composed of 9 governors, for a period of 3 months.

To receive the funds the governors will need to:

  • Complete KYC (protect our community is our priority)
  • create a multisig wallet 5/9

To manage the funds, you’ll need to create proposals and organize a vote. Only members who have a minimum of 5K $COBYC can vote. If the proposals are approved by the community, funds can be withdrawn.

More details will be provided before the launch of the COBYC community DAO.


One Immortl

Social medias

Twitter @cartelofbullsYC

Discord Discord

Telegram Telegram: Contact @cartelofbullsyachtclub


You need more information? You have a question? Contact us on Discord or Telegram!

We hope you like our project!

Thanks for reading,

CEO Cartel Of Bulls Yacht Club.

WE :purple_heart: YOU!!!


It is great to see so many developers building on Polygon. As a heads up, we do not allow self-promotion on the forum. Please try to provide value to the community so dynamic is more mutual.

A good idea could be to enter your project into our Vote for the Bounty Contest .

I hope this is helpful and lets you understand what kind of culture we want to strive toward in this forum!

Hi @H_Rook nice to meet you :sunglasses:,
i’m not here to promote our project. I’m informing the community about our new project because we are proud to launch a big part of this project on Polygon. I’m not spamming. I just shared the informations and if the community have question(s) we’ll be there to provide answer(s). We don’t need grant or bounty. We’ll appreciate to have support nothing more. The collection on Polygon will be airdropped (free) to the hodlers of the first collection. We are launching the first dress to earn on Polygon. We are just informing and not promoting. If we don’t post here, where we’ll post to informe the Polygon community about our project? Any suggestion? We plan to launch our DAO, our token etc. on Polygon. The buyers of our store will receive a cash back. We’ll use our token for the cash back. One more time our token will be on Polygon so may be a good way to onboard more people on the community, more wallets, more hodlers. Do you think this last point will not benefit the community? We’ll appreciate to receive promotion from Polygon studio and support from the community. Nothing more.
Thank you,


Thanks for your response. I think a better place to showcase your project would be in the ‘Shill it’ channel of the Polygon DAO discord - You should be able to access it here: 0xPolygon DAO. If you have any issues there let me know.

We try to keep the Forum free of promotion for projects and rather a place for the community to discuss important issues. Otherwise it can be hard to see the wood through the trees.