My matic got stolen

yesterday i’ve bought 4 matics to metamask , and the second it came in it went out by another hash to another account ( Address 0x752b133f3625a310d0442ca760b49af4029fce89 | PolygonScan ) without my confirmation what should i do ? can’t i get my matics back ? please help me

0x8690d2abe618583581e3d0b3cdbc9dda28f83d8d this is my addres and this one Polygon Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | PolygonScan is the hash that my matics went missing on it please help me

Hi @edris.

Sorry to see that happen but glad it was such a small amount. If you haven’t authorized this transaction, it means that your wallet is compromised. Since there are no other major amounts in this address please refrain from using it. Polygon is a decentralized blockchain, and as such nobody has access to your funds nor can reverse/change/alter your transactions.