Matic/Polygon Bridging issues

I’m trying to move USDC from Polygon to Eth. I’m using Crome and Metamask and once i initiated the transfer it removed my funds, but then became stuck. It’s been “in process” for over a day and I can’t seem to cancel it or get my funds back? please help

Hi @shubhangi I did submit a ticket at support but I’m still in limbo. I’m very nervous as this is quite a bit of money that’s stuck. please help

@shubhangi thank you, that gives me some piece of mind. The challenge is, I need to use these funds. Do you have any idea how long it will take for this to process through to the Eth mainnet? Are there ways I can speed it up?

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@shubhangi It’s been well over 1 full day.

Guys, don’t ever go to this website. They want to steal your funds.