Launching POLYDEFI actively-managed pool/index?

Greetings from PowerPool! PowerPool actively manages diversified, non-custodial, thematic pooled investment tokens WITH rewards available at low cost to any investor globally. We operate on Balancer v2 together with our Power Agent network, enabling us to actively-manage ‘index’ pools and auto-harvest rewards. We have just launched BSCDEFI, with active collaboration from BSC central, PancakeSwap (the launch DEX), and all of the 15 BSC tokens either in the pool at launch or soon to be added during periodic re-weightings.

I mention this because we plan to launch a similar thematic token for the Polygon Ecosystem, POLYDEFI, assuming we can assemble the same type of collaborative group spirt and launch push that we achieved with BSC. This DAO and/or its members may wish to consider how best to organize launching POLYDEFI as a way of coming together and driving global investor demand for the ecosystem and its tokens.

We have long planned to do this, but our experience with BSC reinforced the advantages of a collaborative marketing approach to launching thematic pooled tokens like POLYDEFI.

Thanks for your attention,

GordonGekko_CVP | PowerPool DAO Management Board
(for more detail, please read the project Wiki)


Welcome and good evening Gordon,

Happy to see PowerPool’s decision to enter the Polygon ecosystem. It is always a vote of confidence to see established projects making the integration. The Eth-BSC-Polygon play is a nice triplet of building success.

Regarding the proposed POLYDEFI index, what is your current estimation of timeline to deployment? Your thoughts on the who and how many selections? Would the constituent projects be providing seed liquidity or will your project be bootstrapping?

The Polygon Dao community is robust and I am sure will be happy to assist in the positive introduction of an ecosystem enhancer such as your team. Looking forward to developing this discussion.


Thanks for the welcome! We can deploy as soon as the community comes together to help! PowerPool is built on Balancer v2, and we are the asset-management inspiration for their v2 architecture, so we will be talking about this with them. The shortlist for pool composition must weigh a lot of factors, and sometimes tokens start out with zero-weightings and work their way up based on fundamentals and improving DEX liquidity. PowerPool has ZAP integration, which allows smaller investors on Ethereum to group their transactions to save gas, but also means that our Power Agent has to have ready access to liquidity to mint on-demand. Unlike passive, so-called ‘indexes’, PowerPool actively harvests yield, which means we need a staking/yield optimization strategy for all non-zero-weighted tokens. Initial launch conditions also favor tokens that can be hedged. Obviously, we have a shortlist of prime candidates for inclusion, but we want to leave the door open to promising projects that fit the theme of the pool. Our Discord features a Roadshow channel where tokens can post their case for inclusion.


This is an awesome idea and I am sure the whole community can get behind this. Will invite some of the projects to comment and push their ideas here.


Thanks Hamza…if we follow the BSCDEFI launch process template, one of the first steps is to create a Telegram channel called POLYDEFI and start with just us, then slowly add more protocols to the channel as the process moves forward. The first step is to agree how the launch pool will be operated and by whom.


I propose you take a look at Qi Dao - it is a great product with one of best communities on Polygon :+1:.

Another one of my favorites is Aavegotchi :ghost:


Dm me - lets take it ahead.


Gonna resume this topic because I’d like to know if there’s any update. I see the deploy of an “index protocol” on Polygon as something that coud highly benefits the ecosystem as it’s kinda difficult to find something that is not on ethereum right now and gas fee there are impacting smaller investors high. I see a lot of possible users entering this option and been able to invest on several assets without having to do intensive research and then actually spread the investment on too many baskets. Having a metaverse index, a dex index, a gaming index and so on, with curated selection of the assets inside is the way to allow new users to get exposed without hassle. Really interested to hear any update about!

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