Introduction of BqHr

Basic Introduction:
I am BqHr a web2 dev from the Netherlands.

Professional Background:
I am a full stack web2 dev for over 15+ years now.

Interests in Web3:
I like to learn more about web3, to farm some airdrops and the technology is very interesting as well.

Feature Recommendations:
I currently do not have any recommendations.

Current Projects:
I have started on the web3 course from base to learn some solidity. But I am just playing around with it at the moment.

Learning and Development:
A lot of projects have good documentation, however I find it hard to compare projects against each other based on the technology. I get that some basic applications can be build on each web3 platform, but it is hard to find some good comparison that is up to date.

Community Engagement:
I do not know. I was send here from a Layer 3 quests. But I might stick around.

Future Aspirations:
I am considering becoming a web3 dev, but not sure yet.

Fun Facts:
I like to play boardgames with friends and family.

Connect and Collaborate:
@BqHr on warpcast