Hitdex | Token Exchange, DeFi Platform, and NFT Marketplace

Project Name: Hitdex

Description / Main Use Case

Hitdex is a decentralized destination for fungible token swapping, digital collectible (NFT) trading, and participating in DeFi on the Polygon zkEVM and Immutable zkEVM blockchains.

Staging Website Links

Staging Website (All Chains): staging.hitdex.com
Polygon zkEVM instance: staging.hitdex.com/polygon
Immutable zkEVM Instance: staging.hitdex.com/immutable

Official Website: hitdex.com

As a note, the staging website in its current state is nearing the completion of front-end development and design (85% complete for Polygon/Immutable (Desktop/Tablet/Mobile)). Feel free to click around!

Polygon zkEVM Swap Module

NFT Marketplace Collection

IDO Launch Search Page

Problem Statements

Token Swaps, Bridges & ETH Purchase Availability
There are minimal options for exchanges that offer ETH token swaps and cross-chain swaps (bridge) as an avenue to obtain ETH in the current Polygon and Immutable ecosystems. Simplified access to the ETH is essential for a thriving DeFi and NFT ecosystem and improving user experience.

NFT Marketplace
Finding NFT collectibles, whether old or new, is challenging as the categorization, collection search and filters on available marketplaces aren’t robust enough. Currently, collections & collectibles are segmented without proper categorization by collection type or child categories (Ex: NFT > Sports > Basketball > NBA Top Shot > {Sidebar filters}).

DeFi Platform
The Polygon zkEVM DeFi ecosystem is in its infancy, with new liquidity pools, staking opportunities, and farming opportunities being launched on the Polygon blockchain currently being few and far between. Launching new protocols can be difficult, with limited options as to where organizations can launch their protocol tokens.

DAO Governance
Most companies operating on Polygon are entirely centralized, and their communities need more say in the direction of the platforms they use.

Evidence For The Need

  • Lack of artists launching collections on the Polygon & Immutable zkEVMs due to poor discoverability on the currently available marketplaces.
  • Lack of DeFi users and opportunities in the Polygon & Immutable zkEVM ecosystems while comparable blockchains have thriving DeFi ecosystems.
  • Lack of Launch/IDO platforms in the Polygon & Immutable zkEVM ecosystems where new protocols can launch their tokens and investors can buy into new protocol token offerings.
  • Lack of DAO and governance token opportunities for organizations with platforms supporting zkEVMs. There are minimal DAO governance opportunities in the zkEVM ecosystems because DeFi and governance tokens on the zkEVM chains are just beginning to sprout.

Proposed Solutions

  • Token Exchange & Ethereum Fiat On-ramp/Off-ramp: Hitdex will utilize an automated market maker for the token exchange. Our users will trade with a pool of tokens rather than directly with other users. This will create a seamless experience where our users can purchase and sell Ethereum and other altcoins on our platform with little resistance by removing complex order book orders from the equation. Ideally, this implementation will have a fiat debit card payment option via a Coinbase Commerce integration to purchase ETH. We plan to build two swap modules, a Ethereum token swap feature that can execute ETH token swaps and a cross-chain swap module (bridge) that will enable our customers to swap crypto from mainnet and other chains to obtain ETH on one of our supported zkEVMs.

  • NFT Marketplace: Hitdex’s marketplace offers improved discoverability for collectibles on Polygon & Immutable zkEVMs via a simplified approach to search via a category breakout and project grouping. Users on the Polygon zkEVM NFT marketplace can search for collectibles via categories such as PFPs, Art, Collectibles, Sports, Gaming, Music, Land, Domains, Trading Cards, Comics & Photography and then search/filter by artist, collection, or collectible attribute. On the Immutable zkEVM our categories will have more of a focus on the gaming ecosystem Immutable supports, so our category breakout there will be Virtual Items, Avatars, Sports, Trading Cards, Virtual Land, MMORPG, FPS, Fighting, Strategy, Adventure & Action.

  • DeFi: The DeFi platform will aim to simplify the DeFi investment process by creating a seamless and streamlined approach to deposit your assets to earn a modest APR safely while ensuring sustainable growth within the Polygon DeFi ecosystem across multiple farming markets. We will offer incentivized liquidity pools, yield farming opportunities, and governance token staking opportunities. The Launch product will be our IDO product that organizations with a new protocol can utilize to launch their protocol token. The Immutable zkEVM instance will only feature liquidity pools.

  • DAO Governance: After the initial platform launch, we will release a token and move toward a governance DAO to be one of the first companies to give our users the ability to collectively steer the platform and protocol in their chosen direction on the Polygon zkEVM.


Name Role Bio Email Twitter Discord
Eric Dzengeleski Developer, UI/UX Designer, and Product Manager Eric has eight years of experience in product management and five years of experience in eCommerce web development and management. Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. eric@hitdex.com Twitter jingles#5201


May – July 2023 August - October 2023 November - January 2023 February - April 2024 May – July 2024 August – October 2024
NFT Marketplace launch with Polygon zkEVM NFT support Launch of NFT marketplace auctions, offers, collection/NFT minting, and ENS domain name support Polygon zkEVM DeFi Platform: Yield farming, & staking launches. Hitdex governance/utility token DAO launch. Launch of advanced DeFi analytics dashboard Launch of NFT marketplace bulk buys
Token swaps, Bridge, token leaderboard and ETH purchase flow launch NFT marketplace launch with Immutable zkEVM NFT support Hitdex governance token and staking launch Launch of limit order swaps. ETH to USD selling, and price history chart for swaps. May be prioritized. Launch of advanced NFT collection analytics dashboard Mainnet or additional zkEVM chain DeFi offering launch
Polygon zkEVM liquidity pool launch. 3rd party security assessment (NFT & Swaps) Immutable zkEVM liqudity pool launch. 3rd party security assessment (Immutable zkEVM NFT & marketplace) 3rd party security assessment (DeFi) Polygon zkEVM protocol IDO launch Mainnet or additional zkEVM chain NFT marketplace and token swap support NFT renting & trading

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Happy weekend everyone!

Just an update on development progress. For the initial release we are focusing on our DEX (Token Exchange) launch. Over the past few weeks we’ve been diving into the backend build-out, while also buttoning up the design and mobile responsiveness. After we get through the launch milestone in the next 1-2 months, we’ll continue to build and tackle the additional milestones mentioned above. The DEX only development environment can be viewed here.

For the DEX rollout we’ll be launching with cross-chain swaps (swaps/bridge), limit orders, transfers and buying/selling crypto on Polygon zkEVM, Ethereum (mainnet), and a third chain (TBD, possibly Polygon PoS). For the cross-chain swaps, limit orders and transfers we are integrating a combination of LiFi and DeBridge’s DLN APIs to pull in quotes and execute all transactions through their aggregation protocols. For crypto purchases and crypto selling, we’ll be utilizing an integration with Transak. For wallet connections we’ve had Dynamic wallet implemented for a while.

Need to get on one of the weekly calls. My sleep schedule is pretty bad atm :sweat_smile:
Anyways, happy building. That’s what the weekends are for, right?!?!

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