Hi, I'm Roman from Ukraine. I'm an an experienced Web3 user and angel investor in various crypto projects

Hi, I’m Roman from Ukraine. I’m an autographed memorabilia expert and an experienced Web3 user since 2017. I’ve been an angel investor in various crypto projects and am passionate about the potential of blockchain technology. I love Polygon and have invested in Matic via launchpad.

Professionally, I specialize in autographed memorabilia. My background in this niche has honed my skills in authentication and valuation, which I find parallel to the principles of security and value in blockchain. I believe my expertise in meticulous evaluation and investment will contribute significantly to my journey in Web3.

I am particularly passionate about DeFi, NFTs, and DAOs. Projects that integrate these elements in innovative ways excite me, especially those that leverage Polygon’s scalability and low transaction costs.

My long-term goals in Web3 involve developing secure and innovative platforms that bridge traditional collectibles with blockchain technology. I see blockchain evolving to become a fundamental part of our digital lives, and I hope to be at the forefront of this transformation.

Outside of Web3, I enjoy collecting rare autographs and historical memorabilia. I’m also a big fan of adventure travel.