Help With Staking


This is my first time staking with Matic. I delegated my tokens to a validator via the Polygon Staking Dashboard using my MetaMask wallet. I had ERC20 tokens and everything seemed to go fine, however, its now 30 hours later and the Polygon Staking Dashboard hasn’t updated to show my stake. The transaction says it succeeded on EtherScan::

When i go to “My Account” on Polygon Dashboard i should be able to see my delegation and rewards, etc. Instead it still shows the initial Ethereum Wallet Balance as 0 MATIC but the tokens are gone from my MetaMask.

Also, most of the time when i try to go back to the Polygon Staking Dashboard, it never works. I always have to clear my browsing data for it to work, it just sits there loading all the time. Anyone else having these issues or able to give me some advice? Thanks


Have your issue been resolved yet ?

That’s probably the problem with the dashboard.

You can use other dashboards, for example Zerion: it shows your staked balanced and rewards Zerion – Smart & Social Web3 Wallet

You can also go to Zerion’s history and see your Polygon transactions Zerion – Smart & Social Web3 Wallet

Finally, check out Zerion’s mobile wallet - it supports Polygon right away and you can easily import your MetaMask. Or just connect it to track staking balance and rewards.

Hey Trav,
The dashboard can be buggy and as you mentioned, clearing cache and cookies and refreshing the page usually helps.

If you’re using a VPN, try disconnecting it.

30 hours should be plenty. You should see your staked tokens appear after only 12 checkpoints.

As long as you can see the completed transaction on chain (etherscan) you’re good to go. That’s what matters.

If you continue to have issues I would reach out to support on Discord. Polygon

Beware of scammers. Polygon support will NEVER DM you first.

We may have some additional detail on our MATIC staking tutorial that might help. All can check it out here: How to Stake MATIC Tokens on the Polygon Network - Blocks United