Hello there!, I'm oluwafemi

Basic Introduction:
I’m Oluwafemi Bashua , and I’m from Nigeria
Web3 is very interesting and I think I really enjoy activities?

Professional Background:
I’m a Data Analyst with over 3 years of experience and I see my skills to be beneficial due to my analytical and critical thinkin skills, I am also a digital Artist at Night

Interests in Web3:
Well, I’m kind of new to web3 but I think I have a lot of Interest in defi and Gaming, but I’d love to see the Mass Adaptation of Web3 and crypto

Feature Recommendations:
I do not, as I had mentioned previously, I am kind of new Web3

Current Projects:
I’m not working on any project currently but I would really love to.

Learning and Development:
Nothing much really, cause I’m still finding my way around but so Far I’m doing alright

Community Engagement:
Yes I’m really looking forward to contributing and being a big part of the Community!

Future Aspirations:
I want to be able to work on projects that are important and also impact peoples lives positively and for the better.

Fun Facts:
Well, outside of work, I really love to watch Anime and read Manga, I also love to go to the gym, its like my safe place. lol

Connect and Collaborate:
They can reach out to me on discord as oluwafemibashua and twitter @bashua_fem90994

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