Grant Request by The Willow Tree

Submission Date

November 29. 2021

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Project Description

The Willow Tree is a DAO of likeminded ravers with a shared passion for underground electronic music and high quality event production. Our goal is to crowdsource the funding, design, build and running of the world’s first community-owned network of touring events and physical venues. Almost every aspect of the project (locations, sound systems, lineups, tech etc.) will be contributed or decided by the community. Holding a minimum amount of our token will verify your membership and access to benefits like free VIP passes.

Amount requested

5,000 USD


NFT Membership Pass (Initial Crowdfund)
Delivered by End of Dec 2022
Grant requested 1,500 USD

First IRL Event in London
Delivered by End of Jan 2022
Grant requested 1,500 USD

Launch of Social Token
Delivered by End of Feb 2022
Grant requested 2,000 USD

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Grant Request Status

Allocated to the team

Grant Request Status

Your proposal seems to be for a project at the idea stage, which is too early for this grant program. We generally approve grants to projects that have demonstrated a functional technology or a growing community, so we can accelerate their adoption. We see the role of grant to act as acceleration but not the key for the development of the idea.

The good news is that we can still help you. We can help financially at a later stage, and in the meantime can help open doors to get you there.