Grant Request by The InterPlanetary MarketPlace

Submission Date
January 18, 2022

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Project Description

Create a multichain interoperable interplanetary marketplace that is Artisan/Patron governed

Amount requested
100,000 USD


Task 1: WIP > The InterPlanetary MarketPlace,

Task 2: DUKL$ NFT project: Mission, pay for operational costs of the foundation and public good initiatives via DUKL$ NFT, and duck egg subscription. The project would also support a duck / self-sustainability community.

Task 3: BEEZ NFT project: Mission, Pay for operational costs of the foundation and implement a bottle bee keeping community to help save the bees, while also helping members become self-sufficient via small ethical artisan businesses. Also, a honey subscription.

Hi Mike,

After carefully assessing this project, we have taken the decision of not awarding the grant at this time.

We receive a large number of proposals and while we want to support as many projects as we need to select the projects, we think will have a bigger impact for Polygon.

I would like to take this opportunity that thank you for thinking of Polygon and I wish you every success for this project.

Kind regards,