Grant Request by The Crypto Birds

Submission Date

January 11, 2022

Project Links

Discord: The Crypto Birds
Lightpaper: CryptoBirds - CryptoBirds light paper #1

Project Description

The Crypto Birds journey begins as an NFT art project on the Polygon blockchain. Our goal is to be among the fastest NFT art projects that gain popularity on the Polygon blockchain, the same as the CryptoPunks did in the old days for the Ethereum blockchain. We want to build the next Polygon blue chip NFT project. From the research we did, we couldn’t find any blue chip NFT project on the Polygon blockchain, we want to change that & increase the adoption of NFTs for Polygon, we believe that Polygon will be the most popular blockchain for NFTs as they are solving the most important problem of gas fees for the NFT world & everyone should know that.

Our vision is to be a community-driven project & focus on the long-term success using our community power. We don’t want to limit our project for art, one of our main goals is to add a utility for our NFT art by community vote. After the minting season, we are planning to develop the first utility product for our NFT holders by community vote(DAO). More information about our roadmap & ideas is outlined in our light paper.


At this stage, we don’t think money is the main problem in our project. Currently, we need “Marketing Support” from Polygon to give users more confidence to use Polygon before our minting season (30/01). This will help us reach a successful launch, grow, expose more NFT users to polygon & help break the anti-layer 2 negativity.

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