Grant Request by RealBig

Submission Date

December 23, 2021

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Telegram - Telegram: Contact @myrealb
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Project Description

We are building a platform for lottery prize games that uses NFT. Specifically, we create a virtual league (with 70 players) where each player is represented as an NFT asset. We are to advance game finance as anytime a player wins a lottery prize, its owner receives dividend.

White Paper

Pitch Deck

Our token is deployed on Polygon:

Security audit report:

Online games
We offer a variety of unskilled games at low entry fees and higher chances of winning.


  • We promote fair plays among NFT owners and users while prizes are fairly shared among NFT owners and winners.
  • Our platform allows NFT owners to receive dividends on an ongoing basis.
  • Unlike other virtual games or races (where skilled players compete with one another), in our platform each player has an equal chance of winning; thus, removing learning curves for users and promoting fairness in games and prize distribution.

Amount requested

500,000 USD


Milestone 1- Legal opinion for exchange listing in USA: $50k
Get legal opinion from a top independent law firm that our token is not security. It is due in 1 month

Milestone 2- Marketing and community development: $150K
This includes social media followers, paid PRs, paid guest posts, paid influences, and paid Ads. It also includes $20k for Air Drop management and $30k for Bounty Program management

Milestone 3- IEO Listing at 5 platforms with estimated delivery in 2 months: $300k
We like to raise crowdfund via IEO. This fee covers their listing and market maker liquidity fees.

Note that milestone 1 and 2 can be done simultaneously. Also, milestone 1 is a prerequisite for the milestone 3.

Grant Request Status

Allocated to the team