Grant Request by PolyFarm

Submission Date
December 22, 2021

Project Links

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Project Description

The Fox in the Henhouse is an Innovative, Fun, and Risk-Rewarding Economic Game where every decision matter. The combination and interactions between ERC-721 and ERC-20 Token, with everything happening 100% on-chain, make this game special inside the NFT World.

So why Fox in the Henhouse stands out among other similar Projects?

Ever-Evolving Project and Twists:

One of the most critical aspects of the game is the Seasons. So what about them?
Well, the game starts in Summer, with Foxes and Hens trying to get as many $EGG as possible. But when autumn comes, the rules change, the hens will not produce as many $EGG, new elements of the game will appear along with the unique mechanics of this new Season. Some items can only be produced/harvested in certain seasons, and you will need them to upgrade your farm and purchase new NFTs as they come. Finding the balance between selling and saving for the future will be the actual challenge.

Be ready to explore the lands, harvest crops, and many more exciting things to come.

Our Project is 100% on-chain, our smart contracts has been audited by a Back-end Engineer, we integrated the use of Chainlink VRF to protect all the RNG happening in the Game… All of this was made to ensure a 100% transparent and safe Game ecosystem for our Players

Amount requested

10,000 USD


15000 to Keep Developing futures stages of the Game (Currently we have covered S1 currently in progress)
5000 to spend in Marketing to get more Exposure

Grant Request Status

Allocated to the Team